How to Recognize Eye Pain in Children and How to Overcome it is very important for parents to know. Because eye pain is a disease that often occurs in children. So, if you don’t get treatment right away, you can have a bad impact on your child’s vision in the future. Of course this can harm the baby and also the parents.

How to Recognize Eye Pain in Children and How to Overcome it

Night blindness
This problem generally occurs when a child is deficient in vitamin A. So, if left without vitamin A intake, this causes eye abnormalities and white spots appear on the eyes. In this phase, this problem can still be overcome by providing vitamin A intake in the daily menu. If left unchecked, this problem can cause blindness.

Color Blindness –
Color blindness is a congenital genetic disorder. Usually this disorder often occurs in boys. This disease is carried by the Y chromosome. Unfortunately, until now there is no treatment method that can cure this color blindness.
Children who are color blind have abnormal retinal cone cells. As a result, they cannot distinguish colors correctly.

This disease occurs because of eyeball nerve abnormalities that occur due to birth defects, but there are also those caused by viruses and as a result of malignant tumor disease in the eyeball. this disease can lead to severe cataracts.

Glaucoma –
This disease is caused by high eye pressure. So that, this can cause damage to the retina and nerves of the eye and can result in blindness in the sufferer

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How to Recognize eye pain in children
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Tips to Prevent Red Eye Pain

Eye pain in children does not just happen. So from that, in order to avoid the occurrence of red eye as one of the symptoms of a child’s eye disease, you should first know how to prevent it early. Where one way to prevent it is to always maintain cleanliness, avoid particles and exposure to UV light that can cause red eyes.

Children must be accustomed to washing hands using soap and clean water. Teach also not to scratch the eyes or rub them, as an effort to recognize eye pain in children and how to deal with them early on.